church and covid-19 survey in kenya: INvitation to pastors and church leaders

Dear Minister of the Gospel and Church Leaders,

We would like to kindly let you know that ShahidiHub Africa is conducting an interdenominational survey that targets pastors and church leaders in Kenya. The survey, that runs from 23rd May-19th June 2020, is titled, “The State of the Church in Kenya During the Covid-19 Pandemic.” This survey seeks to find out how churches (through the leadership of pastors and church leaders) adjusted and continue to cope up with this unfolding pandemic situation, and how the future might look like for many churches. It is expected that the findings of this poll will enable pastors, church leaders and parachurch organizations to lead better amidst the pandemic, understand the current state of the church, and to foster an inter-denominational exchange of information and experience. Theologians might also find the findings useful in their engagement with ecclesial issues.

ShahidiHub Africa kindly invites you to participate in this poll; and, if possible, involve other pastors and church leaders within your network by sharing the link below. Once the survey is concluded, we shall share the data and detailed reports with priority given to those who participated.

The short online survey only takes about 7-10 minutes.

Here is the link:

We appreciate your valuable feedback.

Notice: Change of (Blog) Domain Name

Dear My Blog Followers,

I am glad that you chose to “Follow” this site for inspirations, viewpoints, sermons, and encouragements, etc (despite its imperfections). Some of you have been here for over F-O-U-R Y-E-A-R-S. I really appreciate. I hope you have learned something…

You must have noted the change of the domain name from  to The name has only changed but we haven’t. The Swahili” word “Shahidi” means ‘Witness.’ The site will continue to be A HUB of WITNESS.

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