As the news of Jesus’ teachings and works spread far and wide, John the Baptist in prison received these reports and decided to send his disciples to ask him: “Are you the one who was to come, or should we expect someone else?” (Matt. 11:2-6).

John the Baptist had heard reports about the blind receiving sight, the lame walking, the sick getting healed, the deaf hearing, the dead are raised, demons cast, and the good news being preached to the poor. All these indicators pointed to the prophetic description of the identity and work of the coming Messiah. However, he needed confirmation.

He wanted to find out whether this was the long-awaited kairos/divine moment and whether this was the person to bring good news to the world. He must have pondered, is this the Christ who will usher in a new period, a kingdom of justice and righteousness? Is he the light that is come to shine on all living in darkness? Is he the merciful one who brings true peace and salvation to God’s people? Is he the one sent by God to heal the broken-hearted, bring redemption, release the oppressed and proclaim true freedom?

For John to make his informed conclusion, Jesus’ response pointed to the prophetic utterances and signs characterizing his ministry.

More relevantly, since 1963 independence, Kenya has struggled through four regimes. Admittedly, although there have been some gains here and there in the last 59 years, Kenya still struggles with injustices, brutalities, corruption, mismanagement of resources, abject poverty, politics of exclusion, tribalism, and nepotism, among other threats.

In 2013, the Jubilee government came in with great promises. Their coming in after fifty years of independence and their use of the biblical analogy of “Jubilee” brought some renewed optimism among the populace. Biblically, the word “Jubilee” (Lev. 25) signifies a year of freedom, abundance, redemption, and rest. It is a year of restitution and releasing people from debts and slavery. It is a year that presented an opportunity to start off anew. But, strictly speaking, the Jubilee government has fallen short of this expectation.

John’s question remains critical as the new government is announced and inaugurated. Are you the one who was to come, or should we expect someone else?”

Kenyans are full of expectations. Do the newly elected leaders comprise a breed of servant leaders who will revive the economy, ensure food security, fight corruption, provide (affordable) healthcare and housing, alleviate the suffering of the Wananchi, increase opportunities for young people, and build a cohesive nation through good governance and the rule of law? Will they be the ones we’ve been waiting for to fix the nation socially, politically, and economically? Or are they the kawaida greedy leaders we’ve known who can’t wait to first adjust their pay and allowances upwards…

Will the new 2022 government be what Kenya has been waiting for since independence?

Kenya Kwanza government, are you the ones we’ve been waiting for, or should the wait continue? We desperately HOPE so. But TIME will tell.

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