A Hub of Witness in Africa

ShahidiHub Africa is a nondenominational Christian organization, based in Kenya. The Swahili word “Shahidi” means “witness.” We seeks to build the Body of Christ in Africa through the following four emphases:

  • Research & Consultancy– Through ShahidiHub Research & Consulting, we provide of credible researched data on the contemporary context and on emerging trends through opinion polls and surveys. We serve the church by providing insights and interpretation of contemporary trends and changing societal patterns and culture. We disseminate our findings through seminars, workshops, conferences, and publications.  Find here a  recent Report on the church in Kenya during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 
  • News Perspectives– We offer an online platform where Bible students, pastors, church leaders, and scholars can engage on societal issues from a biblical standpoint. (If you want your article to be featured in this platform get in touch with us).
  • Publication We offer publication services, and promotion of Christian literature. We train, mentor, and guide potential authors through the publication process.
  • Ministry Resources- Devotionals, Sermons and other Ministry Resources– We feature devotionals and sermons in one of our columns. Through this, we hope to build faith, hope and love among Christ-followers.

Core Values:

  • Credibility
  • Relevance
  • Competence
  • Partnership
  • Professionalism
  • Commitment to the Holy Scriptures


To be a hub of Christian news, research polls, and publication in Africa.


To Promote ministry effectiveness, integration of faith and culture, and application of the biblical worldview on societal themes and trends through research, news perspectives, ministry resources, and publications.


Email: shahidihub.africa@gmail.com

 M.Phone: +254 734272112

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Promoting God's Kingdom in Africa through Research, News Perspectives, and Publication

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